Sniper Team 4

Put your war face on! It’s time to hit the desert and kill the  enemy in Sniper Team 4. Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Try your luck, soldier!

How to Play

Sniper Team 4 features 8 impressively difficult levels. The first four levels are unlocked at the beginning of the game to allow you to choose which scene you’d like to try out first. The last four you will need to unlock in order to complete them. Within each level you are placed in a different war-style scene. You have no coverage from the enemy, so you’ll have to use your quick thinking skills and fast trigger finger to stay alive.

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There are significantly less key controls for you to remember compared to previous versions of this game. This is what makes this game slightly easier for the younger players, and much more enjoyable for many older players.

  • Mouse and left mouse button - aim and shoot your weapon
  • Mouse wheel - adjust magnification of the sight
  • Spacebar - Use the gun sight
  • R key - Reload the weapon
  • Numbers 1 through 3 - Switch weapons

Sniper Team 4


While the complexity of the user controls may be easier, don’t let that fool you. This can be quite difficult for some players. Because of this, we have created this list of tips on various hacks you can use to make the game a little bit easier if you are having trouble.

  • Press the G key to toggle your health
  • Press the H key to toggle your ammunition
  • Press the J key to add time to the countdown timer
  • Press the K key to unlock weapons
  • Press the L key to win the level


Sniper Team 4