Sniper Team 2

Get ready for some mind-blowing, action-packed shoot-to-kill excitement in the second installment of Sniper Team – Sniper Team 2! For those of you who love first-person shooter games with loads of rewards and achievements to earn, this game is for you! So, strap on your war helmet, load up your guns, and blast those enemies away today!

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How to Play

You play as a sniper, geared up and ready to protect your objective from enemy attacks. Shoot the enemies approaching your base, trying to destroy your objective – if you fail, you will lose your mission. Watch out for your sniper buddies too – if even one of your men on your sniper team dies, you’ll lose the mission. Clear all the missions to complete the campaign and earn massive amounts of money and experience. Use the money to upgrade your weapon, unlock weapon perks, and customize your character and team.

Main Menu

In the main menu panel, you will have access to a few key areas – Campaigns, Spec Ops, Trophies, and a Help section. The campaigns area is where you should begin your mission. In the campaigns, you will be assigned to protect an important investment. Shoot down the enemies that try to approach or destroy the investment – defend it like your life depended on it! If you or your teammates die, or if the investment is destroyed, your mission will fail.

The Spec Ops area unlocks when your character reaches level 10. This area is a “shoot-em up” free-for-all battlezone. Kill as many enemy targets as you can before they kill you. The longer you stay alive, the better your chances of receiving the ultimate score!

Sniper Team 2

The help section explains the basic game functions that you will need to know in order to complete each mission successfully, including a brief description of how to play the game, the controls used throughout the game, and much more.


In the trophies panel, you can view all of the trophies you are able to receive. There are 10 trophies in all, some are easier to receive than others.

  • Tour of Duty – Complete all missions
  • Going the Distance - Complete all missions on prestige
  • Best of the Best - Reach level 25
  • Merc – Own 1 million dollars
  • Bodybag – Kill 1,000 enemies
  • Elite – Reach wave 10 in Spec Ops
  • Full House - Unlock all characters
  • Collector - Own all weapons
  • Perks - Unlock all weapon perks
  • Inside Man - Collect enemy intel

Sniper Team 2


Similar to the original game, Sniper Team 2 has many key controls that players need to get familiar with. Using the mouse to scan the terrain looking for enemies, you can also use the left mouse button to shoot your weapon. In addition to this, you will also need to get familiar with some basic keyboard controls in order to successfully complete each mission.

  • Spacebar – Toggle zoom in/out
  • X/Shift keys - Zoom
  • Numbers 1 through 4 keys - Switch sniper
  • R key - Reload your weapon
  • Q key - Switch Weapon
  • E key - Call air support
  • Esc. or P keys - Pause the game
  • M key - Mute the game